Perioperative Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia


“50 Years:  Our History, 
Reflections and Stories”

A complete history of BCORNG/PRNABC
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In the Beginning

In the spring of 1966 a group of nurses attending a seminar on OR nursing,
met and decided to form an OR nurses group. An executive of four nurses were
elected and with a budget of approximately $40.00 (collected from the nurses
present) we began. At the May Executive meeting of 1966 a Constitution and
Bylaws were drafted , the name of the group selected (BCORNG), and the
frequency of a provincial conference and provincial business meeting were
established at two year intervals. Seven provincial regions were established
and the first membership cards were issued for an annual fee of $1.00, some
of which was used by the provincial executive for BCORNG business and the
rest was given back to the members region. The purpose of the organization
was to further the education of OR nurses, and stimulate interest in our own
"clinical field".

In 1970 the BCORNG emblem was born out of a province wide
request for submissions. The provincial flower, the dogwood, combined with
surgical instruments was chosen.